Quality Assurance Personnel where and when you need them!

What is TQRS?

Technical Quality Representation Services (TQRS) Inc. is a full-service staffing and payroll company with a focus on the automotive industry. We partner with OEMs to provaide them with quality assurance personnel and payroll staff in locations throughout Canada and the United States. With personnel in a wide range of locations, we can offer our clients short turnaround times in getting assistance to them, meaning they can avoid the costs associated with sending their own staff or disruptions to their operation. For more information please visit our about us page.

Our Partners

Quality Control Where you need it!

Avoid Costs and Get Help Quickly Without Your Team Having to Travel

We dispatch our quality control experts where you need them and with quick turnaround times, ensuring the job gets done right while saving you the cost and disruption of having to dispatch your own staff to different locations. Plus, with available detailed daily reporting, you always know what's going on.

Complete Payroll Services!

We Offer Comprehensive Payroll Services So You Can Focus on Getting More Done

We offer complete payroll services for your organization, including tax forms, insurance documents, payroll recordkeeping, and more. No matter what help you need in tracking and organizing your payroll, let TQRS work with you to get it done right. Click the more button for more information about our payroll services.