About Us

Technical Quality Representation Services (TQRS) Inc. is a full-service staffing and payroll agency based in Southwestern Ontario with a focus on providing quality assurance personnel to the automotive industry. We work with the majority of OEMs, as well as suppliers and contractors, to provide them with quality assurance personnel where and when they need them in Canada and the United States. Our focus is on providing the right personnel for our clients with quick turnaround times and daily reporting so they can avoid costs and not have to disrupt their operation by relocating their own staff. We connect our partners with individuals, small businesses, and independent contractors to help keep their businesses running smoothly.

We believe part of what sets TQRS apart from other staffing agencies is that we not only connect our partners with the right individual candidates, but also independent contractors and small businesses that can fulfill a need for their company. This gives us more ways of providing your business with the help it needs, where and when it is needed.

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