Quality Assurance Personnel

Technical Quality Representation Services (TQRS) Inc. works to help find the right personnel for our business partners. We focus on providing quality assurance personnel and assistance to our partners in the automotive and manufacturing sectors, including short and long-term placements. We have personnel located in the areas we work in, and can provide staff for you with little or no wait so your team doesn’t have to travel, avoiding costs in the process. No matter what stage of the manufacturing process you need help with, let TQRS be your staffing solution.

We help employers with services including:

  • Expert Recruitment Services: We recruit, screen, and interview a wide range of candidates to find the right fit before connecting them with one of our business partners. We work to make sure that the candidate and available position are the right fit so that both the employer and the jobseeker are satisfied with the results.

  • Problem Prevention: Our team will work to proactively identify issues in your workplace to solve them before they can disrupt your operations.

  • On-Site Support for Quality Assurance: We can assist you directly on-site, examining the setup, working with you to create a more efficient workplace, and acting as a point of contact with manufacturers and other stakeholders.

  • Daily Reporting Services: We keep you informed of how the job is progressing and any issues that need to be addressed with our full daily reports, including quality and process engineering reports.

  • Full-Time Staff and Quick Turnaround Times: We already have a roster of qualified individuals we can connect with your business immediately, located in areas throughout Canada and the United States. We can place employees with quick turnaround times so you get the extra personnel you need fast.

  • Long-Term Focus: We work with our clients towards their long-term goals and put a plan in place to help achieve them.  

  • Small Business and Independent Contractor Placement: We have a network of prescreened small business and independent contractors that we can connect you with when you need a partner for a specific project or to fill a need in your organization.


For more on how TQRS Inc. can help you with all of your staffing needs, contact us today.


Payroll Services

Technical Quality Representation Services (TQRS) Inc. can help your business with complete payroll services in Windsor, Essex County, and throughout Canada and the United States. Our qualified payroll professionals can help you manage, track, and update your payroll information, as well as prepare all necessary payroll documentation. The areas in which our payroll professionals can help your business include:

  • Tax Form Preparation (T4/W2)

  • Payroll Remittance

  • Payroll Accounting Documentation

  • WSIB Forms


For more on all the ways that TQRS can provide you with payroll assistance, contact us today.